Strange Sounds Your Dryer Might Make And Why

The last thing a homeowner wants is to hear an unusual sound emerge from an appliance in their home. For something as vital as a dryer, it is normal for you to start to panic when you hear it making strange noises. Fortunately, there is no reason for you to despair. Technically, there are only two real reasons why your dryer is suddenly making a wheezy buzzing noise: electrical or mechanical.

Electrical Faults

Electrical mishaps that happen to your dryer are the cause of only one or two sounds: a faint crackling hum, or that disturbing buzzing sound. Both will emanate from the control panel of your dryer. The reason your dryer is making those sounds is also easy to explain. One of the wires or the control cards has gone bad. In either case, electrical repairs are something best left in the hands of a professional. Another electrical fault that often happens is the heating element going bad. This will cause the same type of sounds but they will come from the back center of the dryer.

Mechanical Faults

Mechanical faults can cause any number of disturbing sounds from your dryer, ranging from a slight squeaking to a deep bass banging as the drum wobbles to and fro, banging against the sides of the dryer. In most cases, the fault can generally be traced to the dryer belt needing to be replaced.

The dryer belt is located behind the drum (which is the big cylinder that spins) and transfers power from the motor to the drum. They are made of rubber, which over time can stretch out or even break. If the belt breaks, you'll know because that is the cause of the most disturbing dryer sound, or rather, the complete absence of sound as the drum no longer spins. If the belt stretches out and ages, it starts to lose grip on the drum, the motor, or both. This causes a squeaking or hissing sound as the belt slips.

Repairing this is fairly simple, given a free afternoon and a basic set of tools. You have to remove the drum and then install a new belt. The drum is heavy, so if you're not sure that you'll be able to move it on your own, consult a professional. While the drum is removed, your dryer technician will also be able to assess the condition of the rest of the dryer, ensuring that the sound isn't coming from a damaged roller.

Naturally, you can always reach out to an appliance service, such as A OK Appliance Service, if you do not feel comfortable working on the dryer by yourself.