3 Basic Rules Of Keeping Your Front-Load Washing Machine Odor Free

A front-load washing machine is an appealing option when you want to break away from the more traditional top-load design, but some models do have their quirks. One of the biggest complaints owners tend to have with front-loading washing machines is the fact that they can develop a bad odor--a bad odor that seems to linger inside of the washing machine and even on clothing after it has ran through a wash cycle. If you have invested in a front-load washing machine, there are some rules you should be following to keep your appliance odor-free for the long term.

1. Be careful to follow laundry detergent guidelines.

Be sure you are using high-efficiency laundry detergent in your washing machine only and always use the recommended amount for each wash. Not doing so can lead to the basket and drainage system becoming "soap locked," which means the residue from too much soap or improper detergent usage gets caked up on the drainage system inside of the machine. Without being able to adequately drain, the remaining moisture can cause your washer to have a bad, mildew odor.

2. Clean the filter often.

Most front-load washing machines have a filter at the bottom where large particles or forgotten items are trapped before they slip into the water drainage line during the spin cycle. Pull this filter out regularly and remove any trapped debris because it will start to smell pretty funky after several washes if you don't.

3. Keep the rubber door seal clean all the way around.

The rubber seal keeps moisture from leaking out of the front of the machine during wash cycles. However, the moisture can get trapped around the rubber seal and in all of the tight crevices. After each load of laundry, use a wet cloth to clean away and trapped debris and leave the door open to allow the seal and inside of the basket to dry.

4. Use the washer's basket clean cycle regularly.

Most front-load washing machines have a built-in basket clean cycle that is specifically designed to remove residue and build up from the inside of your machine and keep it fresh. You can purchase products in the laundry aisle that can be used along with this cycle to make the process even more effective, but you can also poor about a cup of bleach in the basket during the cleaning process to see similar results.

If you continue to have problems with your washer, consider contacting professional appliance maintenance services.