When It's Time For Stovetop Or Oven Range Repair

Many things can go wrong if you have an electric or gas oven range unit or stovetop unit that doesn't work efficiently. It is best to diagnose the most obvious reasons first. If you can't figure it out, contacting a team of professionals might be on your "to do list" for today.

Electric Ovens or Stovetops

The bake element is on the bottom of the oven, and it operates 90% of the heating options. Turn the unit off and see if there are any corroded or loose wires. If the element is burned out, it will need to have a voltage check done by a trained professional.

You might also need an oven control thermostat located in the main control panel. Electronic ranges might need a temperature sensor if there is little or no heat. It is also possible the electronic control board needs to be replaced.

Gas Ovens or Stovetops

The Burner Tube: The culprit could be the burner tube, which may have a hole or have an obstruction to prevent the flame from reaching its destination. The burner tube might need replacing if it is burned through or corroded.

The Ignition System: The ignition system might not be working properly. Check the ignition system by counting to ten to heat the thermocouple if you have a pilot light system. If the pilot flame goes off after you remove the flame, it is probably the thermocouple in need of replacement. If the flame stays on, it is probably an issue with the electronic ignition unit.

The Electronic Ignition: The electronic ignition might take thirty seconds before the pilot light ignites. If it doesn't light by that time, the problem is most likely a defective safety valve that will need replacement.

The Gas Igniters: If you attempt to cook on the range and it only clicks at you; you have a problem. It might not be receiving sufficient gas to the burner, or you might have another problem that is in need of a professional technician.

You might also have a dirty igniter, but you don't want to keep clicking the spark because you could release gas into the home. The switch might be shorted out. Many times, you have clogged the tube jet when a pot boils over and not realize the jet is dirty until you try to use it again.

These are some of the basic problems you might face with an oven range or stovetop unit. If you aren't electrically inclined or have experience with gas appliances, it might be advisable to call a team of experts for the job.

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