Garbage Disposal Repair: 4 Signs You Need To Keep An Eye On

Garbage disposals offer a great way to keep drainage pipes and sink clean. But they can adversely impact kitchen operations whenever they develop a problem. For that reason, it's essential to know when to contact a garbage disposal repair service. Here are the signs you need to look out for.

1. Weird Noises

If you asked anyone who has slipped a spoon into their disposal unit before, they would tell you that they had to contend with a loud and disturbing noise. If there's an alarming sound coming from your disposal, you need to check if there's any silverware trapped inside. But you need to ensure that it's switched off before doing so.

If there's nothing in there, some of the components in the disposal are most likely misaligned. As a result, they keep grinding against each other each time you turn it on. An expert can help you make the necessary adjustments, and it won't be long before the noise subsides. Remember that you need to act quickly lest the obstruction causes extensive motor damage.

2. Numerous Resets

The reset button enables disposal units to pull through difficult situations. That's why people press it whenever their garbage disposals seem to be struggling with stubborn clogs or loads. Even so, a garbage disposal unit doesn't need frequent resetting under normal circumstances. Therefore, if you have to press the button now and then, the unit needs to be professionally examined for wiring issues or any other problem.

3. Excessive Clogging

As you are perhaps aware, the best way to avoid clogging your disposal is by avoiding huge amounts of food particles going down the drain. However, you have reason to worry if your disposal seems to clog regardless of the food particle size. The clogging might be due to the device malfunctioning, or you perhaps need to upgrade to a bigger model.

4. Pungent Odors

There's nothing wrong with your disposal emitting some slight odor. After all, it has to deal with food waste every day. However, the odor should subside upon thorough washing. Therefore, if your disposal won't stop smelling after hard cleaning, it's advisable to contact a disposal repair expert. With their help, it will be easier to eliminate any stuck particles causing the pungent smell.

Have you noticed any of these signs? If so, contact a garbage disposal repair service. Choose a reliable repair technician for quality services.