Look For These 6 Luxury Features In A Hot Tub

Buying a luxury hot tub is predominantly about finding top-tier features. Some choices are obvious, such as higher build quality and greater space. However, you should also talk with a luxury hot tub dealer about these six options.

Filtration and Purification 

All hot tubs have some filtration capacity. In the luxury space, though, you'll start to see aggressive purification options. For example, a luxury hot tub company may produce a system that uses ozone or UV-C. These products overtly kill bacteria and mold spores that might be in the water. A second stage then filters the waste from the first step to ensure you have the purest water possible.

Energy Efficiency

You are likely already investing in high-quality materials if you're visiting a luxury hot tub dealer. Get the most from that choice by also selecting materials that provide greater insulation. Keeping the water from cooling quickly will be more energy-efficient. Also, a steadier temperature will provide a more comfortable overall experience, especially if you're going to be in the hot tub for long periods.

Swim Spa

Many people like the swim spa upgrade for a luxury hot tub. Using jets to create a strong current, a swim spa allows you to swim in place. If you want to get exercise or use the hot tub for physical therapy needs, this makes a huge difference. Ideally, you'll want a system that provides fine control so you can dial the resistance perfectly to your needs.


Minor amenities can add to the hot tub experience, too. A waterfall can add a soothing look and sound to the space. You might also want a built-in cooler to store drinks.

Multi-Zonal Controls

People often want different levels of temperature and water jetting when they use a hot tub. A luxury hot tub dealer can show you models with multi-zonal controls. One person might be practically roasted and pummeled while their neighbor goes for a cooler and calmer experience.

Smart Systems

Like many other products on the market today, high-end hot tubs include integration with smart systems. You can use the voice assistant built into the hot tub to turn the lights on and off, adjust their air temperature, or even answer your phone. Integration goes the other way, too. If you want to fire up the hot tub before you get home, you can use the voice assistant in your car to send a signal.

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